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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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these three boys are all 16 years old. they haven't officially been charged with a crime yet but they are being held here at juvenile hall in san jose until a detention hearing early next week. >> reporter: 15-year-old audrie pott was known for her fun-lovering nature and vibrant personality. we are showing you her photo and telling you her name because her parents want to prevent another girl from experiencing the same fate. >> the message is that through her story, we want to make the society safer and better so that these things don't happen. >> attorney, robert allard says, audrie was at an unsupervised house party and had been drinking when a group of boys sexually assaulted her. >> she was unconscious. there were multiple boys in the room with her. they did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious,
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making it much worse is the fact that afterwards, apparently, a photo or multiple photographs were taken of the assault as it was taking place. >> allard says those photos were posted online and were seen by several students at the high school. in the days that followed, audrey wrote on her facebook page, quote, the whole school knows, my life is ruined now. eight days after the assault, audrie pott took her own life. officers arrested two of the accused male students at saratoga high school yesterday morning. a third was arrested at christopher high school in gilroy. we can tell you that two of the charges are felonies. one is a misdemeanor. they are sexual assault, sexual battery-related charges, i should say. >> reporter: audrie's parents who didn't find out about the attack until after their daughter's death say they want the trio of boys to be
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prosecuted as adults. the parents will address the media next tuesday to prevent a tragedy like this ever happening again. marla tallez, "today in the bay." audrie's family started a foundation to help other kids in trouble. they offer counseling and support to those that reach out for help. it also provides music and art scholarships to children and those are two of her passions. we'll, of course, continue to stay on top of developments in this story. we will bring you new information when we get it. we have also posted the story on where you can post comments one of the biggest names turning to social media in hopes of saving her own life. a stanford professor diagnosed with leukemia now has only eight weeks left to live unless a bone marrow donor, who is also a match, steps up and comes forward. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live and has the rest of story.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. dr. nalini is a professor, a mom and a woman trying desperately to beat the odds. doctors estimate she has a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding the right donor. that hasn't slowed her down at all. the stanford professor is battling leukemia. she needs a bone marrow transplant and has turned to social media, facebook, twitter, blogs, all spreading the word trying to get more people to try and register as a donor. she became the first indian-american female professor in psychology at harvard. she also worked at tufts university and now here at stanford. the website, explains how you can get involved, going to registration events or registering online. a cheek swab is all you need to get started. that can be sent to you. the challenge is that the pool of south asian donors is very small. even if you are not a match, donations are still needed to
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cover test kits that they are trying to get out in india. reporting live at stanford university, christie smith, "today in the bay." we wish her well. 6:06 right now. christina loren is sprinkling sunshine, good vibrations all over our weekend. it looks beautiful, young lady. >> that on top of the icing that is friday. good morning to you. great-looking day. great-looking sunrise over san jose. not a cloud in the sky here. we have low clouds developing at the low coast. expecting more clouds in the sfo area as we head through the next couple of hours. getaway friday. 45 degrees in san jose. 42 in gilroy. to start, you are at 49 degrees. ie, it is colder by about 5-8 degrees. noticeably cooler. make sure you grab that coat with something you can peel off later. make sure you have the allergy medicines handy. our pollen levels are high for today and tomorrow. all flights on time out of sfo. we do have delays coming in from
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the new york city area trying to get into laguardia. problematic with the weather system headed that way. we'll keep you updated all morning long as delays come in. bayside, 73 at the coast. 69 degrees. it will be comfortable out there. things change for the weekend. i want to take you through those changes. first, let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning, good morning. looking at san jose. you see the volume of traffic starting to build. more head lights coming toward us. north 101 underneath the silhouette. the sun is coming up. no surprises. we will show you the map. we do have a smooth drive through the south bay. northbound. no yellow under where it says san jose. that's where i showed you that camera. things are starting to build. in the second, things should start in 10-15 minutes. south 101 past tully into capital, there is a crash in the slow lane. the earlier slowing i saw for the last couple of minutes has, indeed, smoothed out. chp should be arriving shortly.
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we don't hear about any major injuries. i will track that. southbound 101 away from 280 and 680. let's talk about that 880 crash at stephenson at whiple. that's cleared from the off ramp. the cash lanes going on. the fast-track lanes are still clear. no metering lights. we'll track the freeway. it is 6:08. coming up, we'll show you a big-time event, clearing and show you the pitch that shows fists flying down in southern california. we'll have a high-tech update to the abbott and costello, who is on first ahead in business news. plus, 200 homes destroyed by a raging fire. what investigators are pinpointing as a reason to are the flames and how they spread so quickly. >> right now, we'll give you a
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long distance picturesque look. that is the bay bridge. a little bit of that fog there that christina loren is talking about. sounds like that is going to be blowing out and make a nice day and a nice week. we have more coming up after this. "today in the bay" continues. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for
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good morning. welcome to friday. we are tracking patchy fog near the immediate coast. overall, looking really good. your sun will rise at 6:41 a.m. same direction, other side of the bay, the east shore freeway moving smoothly. we have changes at the toll plaza. we will fill you in on what's going on coming up in traffic. 6:12. time for a quick check of the day's top stories. secretary of state, john kerry, is in south korea, where he just met with leaders in seoul.
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speaking to the media, kerry said the u.s. will not accept the north as a nuclear power. he also says north korea's rhetoric is unacceptable. >> a stanford university professor diagnosed with leukemia is now turning to social media to try and help save her life. dr. nalini has only eight weeks to leave unless she receives a bone marrow plant. a facebook page has been set up to encourage donors the man police say shot a bay area rapper will be extradited from los angeles to nevada. 27-year-old amarch amar harris is accused of shooting kenny davis after an argument on the strip. fires destroyed more than 200 homes in myanmar in the city of mandole. no one was hurt. it took fire crews several hours to try and stomp out the blaze.
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officials say most homes destroyed were built out of wood and bamboo. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. >> more damage to talk about. new details from mexico city. the braces from aftershocks from a 5.2 magnitude quake. building swayed in mexico city and all along mexico's southwestern coast overnight after the quake hit at 10:45 local time here. so far, no reports of any damage or death. particulars as state troopers are looking for the cause of a chorter bus crash that left two dead and others hurt on a highway near dallas. most passengers were elderly and headed to a casino. earlier reports suggested the bus may have collided with a safety barrier on the side of the highway yesterday. it then rebounded back across lanes launching off a concrete median divide. cleanup continues across the south after violent storms push through the region. one person is dead and at least
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five others were hurt in eastern mississippi after that tornado there touched down yesterday. several buildings damaged and there are still widespread power outages. some strong winds and rain also damaged. the storm is moving east towards georgia. a new facebook soft wear called home launches today. >> scott mcgrew says, your phone kind of gets facebookier. >> i don't want to get technical but home is the software that's not quite an operating system but more than an app. here is a closer look. facebook will make this available. show your friends where your apps were. facebook says it makes your phone a better social tool. now, while we are on the subject
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of facebook, we have home. a software that nobody is quite sure how well it will do. i want to point out, there are two phones that are coming out. one has home on it. the other doesn't. these are coming from htc. so you have got the first and the one, very confusing. moving on, we will talk about the next subject and that is the computer industry, the p.c. industry. p.c. stocks have been hit hard as well. you saw h.p. fall better than 6%. microsoft is down as well. intel is down. amd as well. there you see the numbers. they will continue. let's talk about tesla this morning. they won a big court case. in new york state, a judge says that franchisees there, car
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dealers, can't use the state's law to block tesla from opening its own dealership. many states forbid car manufacturers from selling and repairing their own cars. they have to be sold through an independent dealer. tesla, as you know, is fighting a similar battle in texas. >> thank you very much. 6:16 right now. christina loren is back and smiling and sharing the good news for the weekend. >> that's the reality that we are going to have for this moment. we made it. 6:17 now. it is going to be nice this weekend. at least saturday where we have some changes i want to take you through for sunday. so stick around. that's coming up in a couple moments. we want to start with what's happening right now. it is chilly this morning. temperatures have fallen in the low 40s in places like hayward, novato, napa. make sure you grab that coat. we are running between 2-10 degrees cooler. yesterday was a chilly start. we have a little bit of fog.
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more will develop between now and 7:00 a.m. between 7:00 and 10:00, mostly clear conditions. tons of sunshine on the way to the bay area for today. taking you through your saturday, looking pretty good. as we head through saturday, it is going to be a little bit on the mild side. temperatures in the mid-70s but great beach weather. then, on sunday, we have some major changes to take you through. we stopped the clock on your futurecast. this is looking for wind, the strongest wind gusts. wherever you see the warm colors, the hot pinks and oranges, that's where we are expecting the strongest winds. winds picking up overnight on sunday. tie down any sort of loose objects. sunday might be a good day to stay indoors to get some spring cleaning done. i know a lot of us have to get to that. it is going to be windy and cooler overall. looking pretty good. today and tomorrow look great for outdoor activity. 76, livermore, 74, fremont and 68 degrees in san francisco. there it is. you see the orange. that's the weekend. saturday looking much better for
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your jot dooutdoor plans. monday, into next week, gusty for the first part of monday. we'll be tracking those winds when we meet back. tuesday through wednesday, our atmosphere stabilizes. we get a beautiful stretch of fair weather. let's see how we are doing on the roads. a couple crashes out there early this morning, mike. >> there were, there were. we are tracking a couple of those. i'll give you the update in a second. we did show that east shore freeway. you see westbound, your commute direction. the low clouds she is talking about. we are watching for fog. so far, drivers are okay coming off the bridge. you are close to the limit through berkeley. the volume here means they turn the metering lights on at the bay bridge. good thing they did. look at the toll plaza. we have backup. it is relatively mild. we see good movement. it is not so bad until you come past the 880 overpass. we have report office a crash. around treasure long island, it looks like everything is off of the freeway. that will keep it metered, though. on a friday, we have your slowing. your reds showing up through
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west highway 4 out of antioch. it is isolated to this section. once you get to bay point and over toward concord, you are okay. highway 4 at 680, no problems. we show 580 at 680 shows that continual build. the volume coming out of the altamont pass. down through livermore, pleasanton, no slowing down through sunol for 680. that's a smooth drive. down into the south bay, if that is your route. north of santa clara, a smooth drive here. coming up into santa clara, san jose slows a bit. the earlier issues southbound, we look like the debris has cleared from the roadway after an earlier crash right around capital expressway. northbound, a new incident reported. no details. there may be some activity. no slowing yet. i'll track that for you. palo alto, looking north. a little slowing. just a little slowing. it is clear toward the san mateo bridge where the 92 interchange, both directions start to slow.
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low clouds along the peninsula. fog likely to develop, specially along the coast. we will track it for you guys. bad news for the dodgers. their pitcher with a contract worth about $150 million has a broken collarbone after a brawl that clears the benches and the bull pen. dodgers pitcher, zach greinke hit san diego pitcher, carlos quentin. it gets ugly fast. greinke apparently said something to quentin after he hit him and quentin charged the mound. both players collide there shoulder to shoulder. quentin has about a 45-pound advantage on him. greinke takes the brunt of that one. the heat is on. the fight is on. it gets ugly. they fall to the bottom of the pile. this is not the first time these two players have gotten into it on the field. greinke hit quentin with a pitch back in 2009 when both players were on different teams. in that case, quentin was held back before things got ugly this. one was a mess all the way
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around. the good news is it was rough on his collarbone, obviously. the good news, not all the news in sports is bad news. new kicker to join the detroit lions roster from norway. perhaps in part because of this viral video clip. take a look. 2.7 million people have checked this out on youtube. it is called kickalicious. >> these trick shots. people thought this was somehow made up. photo shop. he played amateur soccer in norway before taking up football in 2011. we are going to see if he will give former 49ers kicker, david akers competition. 6:22 right now. baristas giving it their best shot in bean town. how about a calf nated contest that comes with some gloriry. we'll tell you which locals are
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vying to be named the best barista in the entire country.
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the national barista competition happening where else but beantown, boston. >> all three local, three local coffee shops have baristas competing for top honors. here is a look at the barista representing coffee in santa cruz and frank coffee in san francisco competing. in all, 50 of the country's best baristas will get 15 minutes to prepare 12 drinks. it is a local winner. you have a big gulp and you bring it every day. 6:26. let's get to the weather. what is happening outside. we have a great-looking day and a good-looking weekend ahead. it is so mild. you could go for the iced coffee or the hot coffee. temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s. by noon, we will be in the 70s. close to 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland, 73 bayside at the coast.
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69 degrees and a good-looking first half of the weekend. we have some changes to take you through. stick around. we will talk about that coming up. i want to check your drive. this is about that time it starts to get busy. as that sun comes up, we are talking about this. will the changes change as far as visibility? the volume of traffic from san mateo bridge, that is smooth. the haze and lower clouds are kicking in. visibility may be an issue. we will look into sunol where this is also the case. the lower clouds, not a problem right now. we will track it. south 680, pleasant, into san jose. 6:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. facebook stock might have minted plenty of new millionaires but is uncle sam getting the bigger benefit this tax season. this is kind of an odd scene. a dire warning at a flower show. the way north korea is
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delivering its latest round of threats.
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the supreme court will ultimately decide but the court of public opinion has already spoken. we'll tell you about the new pole that reveals what americans think about same-sex marriage. plus, taxes taking a toll on tax. why all those new facebook millionaires might not be walking away with as much money as they once thought. the stock exchange software rallying. a couple of straight days of record highs on wall streets on this friday, april 12th. this is "today in the bay." this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. a developing story overseas as tensions, critical point with
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north korea. secretary of state, john kerry, arrived in south korea, miles from the border between the two countries. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. u.s. officials are telling nbc news a missile launch could come at any time. senior officials in south korea are telling us there may be no warning before that missile launch. so everyone is really on stand by here taking a look at that arrival early this morning. secretary of state, john kerry, met by south korea's new president, president park, saying she appreciates our leadership. this visit will show that the u.s. and south korea are closely coordinating their efforts to respond if there is some sort of missile launch. later on, the secretary of state held a news conference with the foreign minister. some tough talk for north korea saying this rhetoric is unacceptable. we are going to defend our allies, south korea and japan, in the region. he also said a fully tested, developed and demonstrated nuclear system, that's
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inaccurate, not the case despite some reports here on capitol hill yesterday. finally, after this visit to south korea, he is off to china and japan. china could be key here, because the u.s. is hoping to lean on china to wield its influence to lean or north korea to bring down the temperature, back off these threats and end this situation. laura? >> one to closely watch. thank you very much. >> here is another reminder of the threat of war on the korean peninsula. small replicas of north korean missiles or display this morning alongside a giant flower show that opened in pyongyang. the representation of the flowers celebrate the country's founding leader, kim il-sung. it marked the 101st anniversary of his birth. he is the grand four of the present leader, kim jong-un. >> a poll released by wall street journal says a majority
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of americans continue to support same-sex marriage. 53% of responders favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. that is up two points since the same question was asked back in december. 42% oppose gay marriage. also, up 2 points since the last year. by party, 73% of democrats and 54% of independents back gay marriage while 66% of republicans oppose it. >> so you didn't become an overnight facebook millionaire when the company went public. neither perhaps did many facebook employees. don't tell that to uncle sam, who this tax season has many on the edge of those that they never saw. why the government is saying one thing and employees bank statements saying another. >> this has to do with employees who exercise their facebook stock which as you recall, ipo'd
6:31 am
this past year. some employees might have gotten themselves into a bind owing a huge tax bill with nothing to show for you. it our business reporter, scott mcgrew, does a pretty good job of explaining this. i'm not going to one up him but hopefully, i can equal him. let's say a facebook employee exercised but did not sell their option when the stock ipo'd at $38 a share. they owe taxes on whatever those shares are worth at $38 even though they have yet to realize those gains. they might have been gambling that they would be able to make more money by selling their stock at a higher price using those proceeds to pay off the tax bill. the stock prices plunged. it is now $28. that's a $10 difference. if they are still sitting on those shares waiting for the price to recover, they still owe that tax bill based on a $38 share price. you can do the math and see how they owe a lot of money but they have nothing to show for it. by the way, the founder of
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facebook, mark zuckerberg, he owes $1.1 billion in federal and state taxes. so don't feel too bad for him. you can put away the violin. he did net over $2 billion in his selling of his facebook shares. reporting live here outside facebook headquarters in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." spl. >> an overall reminder to the rest of us to do those taxes this weekend if you haven't. >> those numbers from facebook. those are like powerball numbers, we're talking. >> a lot of zeros there. 6:34. christina loren, we are getting paid big-time in powerball weather numbers. >> everybody is going to enjoy beautiful conditions. this is a start to the day that you want on a friday morning. 6:35. now, taking a live look at san francisco. you can see a little bit of low cloud cover, not a lot. let's show you san jose. another pictureesque start here. you are getting the oranges and the yellows, i'm happy to report. we have good air quality.
6:33 am
pollen levels on the high side. the air quality is good. 47 to start in sunnyville. 45, san jose, 47, san francisco. we are running cooler. you will notice that difference, san martine, 9 degrees cooler. grab that coat. something you can peel off later on today. if you do suffer from allergies. you've noticed they have been on the fritz again. this is why. our pollen levels are high nd athey will be high over the weekend with another wind event ramping up for sunday. this is how it, out for "today." 78 inland, bayside, 73. 69 at the coast. your seven-day outlook ready to go in my next report. stick farnd you can. if you have to get out the front door, mike might be able to save you some time. >> i hope i can save you some headache as well. we're getting more details. chp initially filing this report. san jose, 101, shows a nice easy friday, typical drive here. the build just starting up gently from tully up toward the airport. the map will show you the same thing throughout the south bay.
6:34 am
the yellow at the top of your screen. the big issue is here, north 85. reports of a crash around the expressway. that was the initial report involving possibly a vta bus from some of the reports. also, maybe four lanes blocked. i see a lot of slowing approaching 87. i know they are very busy. there may be another crash in the backup. that may be the traffic. in the meantime, they are both north of the sunol off ramp. take it north. the traffic is relatively light through the area. watch the surface streets. it is totally different. they are larger roads. we will track it carefully. >> 6:37. still ahead. a billionaire's battle over a counterfeit wine. keeping celebrity cases a secret.
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the new plan to try and crack down on all the prank calls. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a big-time win for a florida billionaire locked in a court battle with a california businessman over some phoney wine. an attorney sued eric greenberg for selling him 24 bottles of vintage wine.
6:38 am
a jury ruling in favor of koch awarding him $380,000 to cover the cost of that very expensive wine. today, the jury is determining additional punitive damages. 6:40. fighting swatting. the los angeles police department says cases of fake 911 calls targeting celebrity homes will now be kept under wraps. recent incidents have sent emergency responders to the homes of tom cruise, justin bieber and ashton kutcher to name a few. lapd says it will no longer issue press releases about swatting cases to deny the publicity that motivates the calls unspeakable pain leads to an unbearable tragedy. the gang rape and allegations that led a south bay teen to take her own life. her family sharing their story just ahead. plus, all the business news and gadget friday as well just ahead. taking a live look at the
6:39 am
golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog out there. i can't wait to tell you how we will see the best weather in the entire nation for the next couple of days. those numbers coming up in your seven-day forecast. i am tracking south bay. this tow interetruck you see on far side, it is 85 with that crash possibly involving a bus. it sounds like four lanes of 85 are blocked. it does affect your drive through san jose and heading into downtown as well.
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you are watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." one of the biggest names in the science community is turning to social media in hopes of saving her own life. the stanford professor lieukemi
6:42 am
weeks left. christie smith is live in the bay with possible ways you can help. even when doctors said she had a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding the right donor, this stanford professor didn't slow down at all. in fact, as you said, she turned to social media to potentially save her life. >> we only have a few weeks to find a donor match. together, we can help save her. >> reporter: these are the kind of messages going out on facebook, twitter and in blogs trying to find a bone marrow match for dr. nalini. she was diagnosed with leukemia and only has eight weeks to live without a match. her accomplishments, the first indi indian-american female professor at harvard. she has worked at tufts
6:43 am
university and stanford. a mom to two teenage daughters. her struggle and story is on the website the pool is relatively small. that's what she is looking for. they have organized events through social media to get people to register. the website can also help you register as a donor as well there. a cheek swab is really all you need to get started. they are saying even if you are not a match, donations can help to try and get these test kits out in india. reporting live at stanford university, christie smith, "today in the bay." look at the sunrise. this picture from the south bay out of san jose this morning. that is a beautiful start to our i had morning. it is going to be nice
6:44 am
today. i think that you will want to stay tune for the forecast for trying to make weekend plans. we have significant changes headed our way. right now, starting out just right. 6:46. taking a live look here. want to point out a couple of features. they are getting a little bit of pick up. you will notice this thin layer of stratus located right over the golden gate bridge. that will take it live to the golden gate bridge and show you how that looks. not seeing a whole lot of reduced ability. you will find some low clouds on the north bayside of the bgb. look can good in terms of everything else. no delays out of sfo. we are doing better in the city by the bay than they are in the city that never sleeps. we have significant delays tacking up. new york city, laguardia, make sure you check out through the day. a pretty potential weather system headed to the northeast. as we head throughout the day today. we will keep you posted, 47 degrees in san francisco. 41, napa. 46 degrees to start the day. in santa rosa, comfortable
6:45 am
conditions down south 45 for san jose. high pressure. our friend keeping our skies mostly clear for today. comfortable readings all the way through saturday. we will see offshore flow that will pick up later today. this is your futurecast. we stop the clock at 1:00 p.m. where you are getting the warm colors. the fiercest winds are expected at the coast. we could see gusts from time to time. winds will be at their strongest between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on sunday. overall, we are looking towards a cooler day as well. a weak disturbance will come through the bay area. that will drive the winds and drop our temps. 74 in fremont. not too hot. not too cold. you know, summertime is breathing down our neck at this point. we know it is going to get warm around here soon enough. these comfortable days, get them while you can. monday to tuesday. we will start to see the winds drop off. wednesday through thursday. friday of next week. nice and comfortable.
6:46 am
6:48. how comfy are we getting on the roads this morning. >> almost everywhere in the bay area is just fine. that south san jose area, we talked about the crash. let me show you the maps. 101 shows this gentle slowing, typical for a friday. 87 showing a good volume heading up from kurt ner. a shift through the south bay. we have word still there arriving on scene. they have one unit there. our chopper is heading there to the scene of this crash reported north 85 originally reported at the expressway. it does sound a little farther back as it goes past the santa teresa boulevard. folks can access off of 87. watch this entire interchange here for a change to the flow of traffic. it is jammed coming up. once you past the off ramp, it will be very slow. that's probably your alternate to stay out of this. 85 north if you are heading to the area. take surface streets over to highway 87. traffic censors just changing.
6:47 am
very slow through the area. we are showing more surface streets congested for monterrey highway. likely, 101 north. a lot of folks headed to 87 to get around it. 280 will show a heavier volume. we will track that. the peninsula shows a smooth flow of traffic. no delay. not a problem for the visibility. oakland shows a similar flow of traffic. heavier volume. no slowing through downtown. the bay bridge toll plaza, this friday, the metering lights are on. back to you. 6:50 now. three teenage boys are in juvenile hall this morning accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old saratoga girl. that girl, audrie pott, took her own life eight days after the assault. now, her parents are sharing her photo and her story to prevent the same thing from happening to another girl have the "today in the bay's" marla tallez is live with the details. good morning.
6:48 am
those three boys are all 16 years old. they are being held at this juvenile hall in san jose. here is the thing. we typically don't show pictures of sexual assault victims but in this case, we are. we have specific permission from audrie pott's parents to do so. their attorney, robert allard, says, they hope they can prevent another tragedy from happening. allard says audrey was at an unsupervised house party in saratoga last fall and was inebriated when allard says a group of boys sexually assaulted her. photos were taken and posted online. they were seen by several students at saratoga high. days later, audrie wrote on her facebook page. the whole school knows. my life is ruined now. >> she was just absolutely humiliated. she must have felt tortured. she decided to end her life as a
6:49 am
result of all these things coming together. >> reporter: a hearing will take place early next week. the boys have not been charged with a crime yet. two of the three attend saratoga high. the third goes to christopher high in gilroy. audrie's parents didn't find out about the attack until after their daughter's death. the district attorney's office is not making any official comment on this case, because it involves minors. audrie's parents are hoping the boy's will be prosecuted as adults. live in san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." the audrie pott foundation provides counseling for those who reach out for help and scholarships for music and art, two of her passions. we've also posted the story on
6:50 am where you can post comments. >> the man convicted of killing a capital intern wants a brand new trial. asking for audio tapes from a 911 call that reportedly includes a blood-curdling scream from chandra levy's apartment the morning she disappeared. the tapes were discovered from 2001. police concluded they were irrelevant to this case. her body was found in a washington, d.c. park back in 2002, one year after she disappeared. >> the man police say shot a bay area rapper on the vegas strip will be extradited from los angeles to nevada. 27-year-old amarch harris is accused of shooting cherry minutes after they had an argument. his car slammed into a taxi killing two and injuring another five. >> a game of chicken turns deadly for a bay area teenager
6:51 am
hit and killed by an ac track train. three boys were running and messing around along the tracks near san lorenzo high school last night. at this hour, it is unclear how long they were there playing around before one of them was struck and killed. that teen's name and age have not been released. >> still, no word on the cause of a fire that broke out at a marijuana grow facility in oakland. one worker was inside when flames broke out on the second floor yesterday afternoon. that person was not injured. police say the facility has a license but the card posted on the outside of the building was out of date. a little heads up here, drivers can expect delays at the hayward bridge toll plaza starting tonight at 7:00 through the entire weekend. the far left lane of the westbound approach will be closed so crews can install an automated toll collection system during the next couple of weeks. caltrans will complete upgrade fort rest of the lanes. one toll lane will be closed during each weekday and fast
6:52 am
track lanes will be shut down on the weekend. 6:54. governor jerry brown's week-long trade trip in china continues this morning. he got a first-hand look at the world's most extensive high-speed rail system boarding a train from beijing to shanghai. the system is similar to the one he twoonts build wants to build. he is hoping to attract chinese investors you may see kids really bummed because spring break is now over. lots of families getting in one more ski run as we still have some snow in the sierra. scott mcgrew joins us with a skiing gadget. >> i checked in with christina. she said, not bad out there. i think she said 90 some inches still. so this gadget spring bake friday are the smith io goggles. they have a head's-up display
6:53 am
inthem. they are like google glass, on the lower right-hand side, that black thing right there, gives you information about how fast you are traveling, what music is playing on your ipod or iphone. they are pricey, $650. here is video created by smith itself. the goggles record the gps data from your ski run. you can see it pop up just above the 655 in our nbc bug. it doesn't record video but will record all kinds of different data, which is kind of cool. it means you can take them home, plug anymore into i acomputer, see where on a map you skied and data about how fast you were going at the time. the bottom line is i feel like i have glimpsed the future. google was doing something similar with glasses. it is the future but it is not quite ready yet. these were difficult to use, specially with gloves, little control you put on your wrist that allows you to use it. i've even ran into some error
6:54 am
messages as well, which is no the real acceptable, jon and lara, when y laura, when you have a product that is supposed to be used. >> so that was you on the slopes? >> yes, that's me. sometimes you will see that with my friend, miller, he will shoot me when i'm coming out of the helicopter. >> amazing. crazy things happen. there are some resorts that are actually still open. i guess you head to the beach and you have to love california. head to the snow. the best place to be is south lake. you have about 90 inches of powder. 78 degrees. bayside, 73 degrees at the coast
6:55 am
today. 69. that means you can hit the slopes. you can hit the beach. tomorrow, even better. if you missed that seven-day outlook, forget about it. i will have it for you every seven minutes throughout the "today" show through 11:30. all the way through kathie lee and hoda. that's mike's favorite program. he is tracking something serious. let's get right to that. >> i am tracking something much more serious than hoda and kathie lee. the south bay, a major crash reported over the last half hour. it has had traffic jammed up north 85. reports in the chp say, vta bus involved with three other vehicles. now, no dtls and injuries. some have the ambulanced called as well. it is jamming traffic from 85 after you get past 87 all the way back to snell. snell is probably your best route out there. that's why traffic does stop there. folks are now going on to city streets which i'm imagining are going to get a heavy flow of traffic because all these coming off of 101 are jammed. there is slowing on 85 north as
6:56 am
folks rejoin that freeway. also, slow on the monterrey highway area coming up. 101 is still okay. 101 up to 280 and around the area. it is a lot more mileage. it keeps you clear of that crash. a final check of the day's other top stories. a stanford professor diagnosed with lieukemia is turning to social media to help save her life. she has less than eight weeks to live unless she receives a trance lant. secretary of state, john kerry, enter south korea, where he just met with leaders in seoul, speaking to the media moment ago, he says the u.s. will not accept the north as a nuclear power. he also says north korea's rhetoric, unacceptable. >> a by artisan agreement for immigration reform could prevent recent undocumented imgranmigra from becoming u.s. citizens.
6:57 am
it would bar anyone who came to the country after december 31st, 2011, from applying for citizenship. it is expected to be introduced in congress next week. we have an update to breaking news that we are following in the south bay. chp reporting a vta bus crash involving at least three other vehicles. this is at highway 85 northbound this morning at the 87 interchange. mike has been telling us about it this morning. traffic approaching highway 87 basically at a stand still right now. you probably want to take surface streets. we'll have an update coming up in half an hour. good morning. >> good morning. breaking news. secretary of state john kerry arrives in south korea overnight as the u.s. intelligence report reveals that north korea is possibly capable of launching nuclear armed missiles. we're live in seoul. tale of the tape. new details on the leaked secret recording of a top-ranking senator.
6:58 am
this morning, why the fbi is closer to figuring out who may have bugged one of his offices. and the masters of intrigue. tiger woods in contention at augusta with his girlfriend lindsey i vaughn looking on. while a 14-year-old phenom who shined in his debut gets set to tee it up today, friday, april 12th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. >> we will have more on the masters coming up. i know you will be watching that all weekend long. >> no question. >> let's talk about the trip to seoul. this is the first for secretary
6:59 am
of state john kerry and comes at a time of great tension in the region. >> he met with south korean president and foreign minister this morning and then at a news conference he labelled the r rhetoric from north korea as unacceptable. andrea mitchell is in seoul. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. that pentagon assess you spoke of is the first assessment from an official source that north korea might have a nuclear armed missile it could launch but has not been fully tested. it raises tension as secretary kerry is aarriving here. the secretary of state is in state to tell south korea the u.s. will defend it against any attack. hoping this country's new president is its first woman leader won't retaliate or be provoked in to an accidental response. as they try to get pyongyang to back down.


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